I am fascinated by facts – and how little they are used in modern society. Provoking thought and offering new perspectives is a great interest and I hope you will find this little blog of some use. My professional work consists of helping companies and executives see their reality for what it is and to help them make the best decisions at the time in question.

While not limited to the view from Warsaw, Planet Warsaw does offer a slightly different take on the world, shaped not only by life on the Wisła River, but by several decades of work and life in six countries on two continents, with travel further afield. So hopefully you will find some food for thought and look further to discover more on your own.

Context shapes our realities, but it shouldn’t alter facts. Personal experience enriches understanding, but is not a subsitute for universal truths. My context is that of a husband, father, business advisor, writer, American in Europe, a twenty year expat, traveler and neighbor who is always learning. Ever forward.

Tony Housh
Planet Warsaw

Additional context: I am a strategy, public affairs and business advisor based in Poland since 1996. New media projects are now added to the mix of activities. Prior to returning to Poland in 1996 I worked in political campaign management, emerging markets policy reform, business intelligence and pubic affairs in the US, UK, Belgium, Poland and Germany. My experience includes over twenty dealing with policy makers and political leaders, a decade on the Board of a US and Polish publicly listed company, and extensivd board service with business organizations and educational foundations. My education – other than that of life – was gained at the University of Kansas (US), University of Essex (UK) and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium). I speak from time to time on TVN CNBC, TVP Info and Polish radio.


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