2013. For someone born just before the first moon landing this number represents many things – a wonderous future, time since passed, where we are tody and an exciting starting point for the years ahead.

Planet Warsaw looks at the world from where I have seen it for years – in the heart of Europe. Constant travel between countries and continents does not alone make one wiser, but it does afford the opportunity to consider the context of perceptions, discussions, facts, propaganda and what we think we “know”.

Facts, those completely or largely verifiable, are proving to be more contentious as time goes on. Facts which don’t fit the desired narrative for a person, political party, government, interest group or company are often disparaged and replaced by distortions or outright falsehoods. We will take a look at some of those instances and also look at the other side of the coin on some challenging subjeccts.

Facts and brain food will occassionaly set out some rather easily verifiable facts so that you can see if they matches your perceptions of an issue, historical event, legend or general knowledge.

Commentary is pretty clear. Without being too high on a soapbox, I will share some thoughts and observations on issues of interest and perhaps some history.

Out and about is where the travel meets observation. Travel is good for the soul and invaluable for the mind. Some thoughts from and for the road.

Things I didn’t know is just about that. We learn all the time. Sometimes the new information contradicts the old or debunks a cherished childhood story. Well, that is life. Live and learn.

Planet Warsaw is go.


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